What Is a Registered Dietician (RD)? Should a Nutritionist Have This Title?

When searching for a nutritionist, you’re sure to notice that certain nutritionists have specific titles and credentials attached to their name. One title which you may come across associated with nutritionists is registered dietician (RD). Although a dietician is a separate profession from a nutritionist, sometimes an individual will carry both titles. And, it’s important to note that even though all registered dieticians are nutritionists, not all nutritionists are registered dieticians.

So, what is a registered dietician (RD)? And, should a nutritionist have this title? Both of these questions will be answered in the content below and provide a greater understanding as to the two professions and the correlation between them.

What Is a Registered Dietician?

what-is-registered-dietician-rd-01A registered dietician is a health and wellness professional who discusses your eating habits and nutrition with you, helps you to set realistic health goals, and develops a personal nutrition plan based on your individual needs and body. A registered dietician can help an individual in their quest to prevent certain health conditions from arising as well as treat health conditions they currently have.

A registered dietician has a bachelor’s degree, has completed a supervised, accredited program at a healthcare facility, food service corporation, or community agency, and has passed an exam given by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Should a Nutritionist Have This Title?

A nutritionist is a health and wellness professional who works with individuals to pursue healthy diets. Unlike a dietician, a nutritionist doesn’t have to follow as many regulations and required guidelines as a dietician does, however, most states do require that a nutritionist is licensed in the state in which they practice. Although someone who is labeled as a nutritionist may have a degree and credentials, it’s not always required that they do so, as is the case with dieticians.

With this in mind, it’s always helpful if a nutritionist is also a registered dietician. Having the title of registered dietician along with being a nutritionist means that the health and wellness professional has the education, requisite experience, and certifications in their professional job role. Also, when the professional is a nutritionist and a registered dietician, that individual can offer a well-rounded health and wellness plan for you.

Traci Fields is Both a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist


Traci Fields, RPA, MS, RD, CDN, is both a registered dietician and a nutritionist. She possesses a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, as well as being board certified as a resident physician assistant, registered dietician, and certified dietician and nutritionist.

With a well-rounded background, certifications in various areas, and many years experience in her field, Traci will help you to find a nutrition and wellness plan which works for you. Whether you are interested in having some nutrition and diet questions answered or would like Traci to develop an entire nutrition-based meal plan for you, your goals can be achieved.

Contact Traci today at Weight Loss Specialist NYC by calling (917) 747-1627 and schedule a consultation to discuss all of your nutrition, weight loss, and weight management needs with a registered dietician and nutritionist.


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