What Do Nutritionists Do?

what-do-nutritionists-do-01A nutritionist is a health and wellness professional which many individuals may have heard of in daily conversations. However, many people may not know exactly what a nutritionist does. They may think that it has something to do with an individual who promotes eating healthy, which is correct overall, however there are many other aspects to a nutritionist's job role which make this professional a highly regarded health and wellness professional and needed by many in the community. To learn more about nutritionists and answer the question as to what do nutritionists do, the following will highlight some of the duties associated with the role of a nutritionist to provide a more clear cut answer.

Nutrition As It Applies to the Individual

nyc-nutritionist-rd-cdn-rpa-ms-02A nutritionist will advise you on nutrition and detail the effects it may have on your individual situation. The nutritionist will guide you on following a healthier diet plan and help you to achieve the best results with regard to health and wellness. The professional will detail nutrition and show you how to make it work for you and offer an individualized plan.

Finding a Plan Which Works for You

Not every individual will be the same when it comes to creating a nutrition plan which works best. Every person is different and what may work for one individual may not work for another. In fact, how well you do with your diet plan depends on three factors: your body, mind, and attitude. Your nutritionist will find a plan which works best for you and create a detailed personalized nutrition plan which has your individual goals in mind.

Helping You to Achieve Your Nutrition and Dietary Goals


Sometimes an individual will consult a nutritionist to aid them in formulating a daily diet plan, while other times the nutritionist is consulted in order for the individual to figure out if they are doing what they need to be doing in order to pursue the healthiest of lifestyles. A nutritionist will help you to achieve all of your nutrition and dietary goals, no matter what they may be. When you meet with a nutritionist for the first time, the health and wellness professional will gather information, find out what you hope to achieve with regard to your health and wellness goals, and then construct the best nutrition plan for you to follow.

Traci Fields Can Help You Achieve Your Nutrition Goals

tracy-fields-nutritionist-nycNow that you've uncovered the answer to the question, "What do nutritionists do?" it's time to consult a nutritionist to see if they can help you with all of your health and wellness goals. Traci Fields, certified nutritionist and dietitian, will meet with you, go over what you hope to achieve regarding health and wellness goals, and formulate an individualized plan which will help you to achieve all that you hope to in your quest for optimal nutrition and wellness.

Call Traci today at (646) 760-3438 for a consultation and get started pursuing a healthy and nutrition-focused life with your individual goals in mind.

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