What Came First…the Chicken or the Egg?

chicken holding eggs

It was the chicken! The wonderful, grass fed, free roaming, healthy chicken, who without taking any antibiotics, laid the most beautiful and healthy eggs! I’m sure that you’ve heard the adage, “you are what you eat”. Certainly a happy chicken getting exercise and feeding naturally, is going to be healthier, toxin free and lay beautiful, nutrient dense, pure eggs with a brilliant yellow colored yolk.

table with shell

The yolk in the egg is the most economical (and natural) way to get an abundance of nutrients.  Some of the more important ones are Choline (aids mental function and memory), Selenium (for a strong immune system), A, B, and E vitamins, not to forget calcium, and many, many more.

Eggs contain cholesterol, however it is important to understand that cholesterol itself does not cause heart disease. The biggest contributors to heart disease are deficient diets and toxins such as hydrogenated oils (in my opinion, one of the most dangerous toxins). Most of the cholesterol in your body is made by your liver, and the amount of cholesterol in your diet does not have as big of an impact on your cholesterol profile as once believed.  When you ingest toxins with your food, your liver is taxed by fighting off the harmful toxins, and cannot adequately do its job of metabolizing fat. As a result, the liver metabolizes less fat, and more fat is stored in the body. This causes you to gain weight and causes your blood lipid profile to worsen. Anyways, I digress. I will have plenty of links to hydrogenated oils and reasons for high cholesterol on my website, as I am very passionate about this topic.

Yesterday I went to the Farmers’ Market in Union Square, and met a lovely farmer who sold me (I’m not kidding you), the BEST eggs that I have ever tasted. Before I committed to the purchase, I asked him my usual array of questions about the “happiness” of his chickens, and whether they run around and feed on grass. That’s when he introduced me to the term “pastured  chickens” (sounds similar to pasteurized but very different). Pastured chickens are free   to forage for grass and insects, causing their eggs to be of a higher nutritional quality than eggs from confined chickens fed an unnatural grain diet. Just as our liver gets taxed by toxins, so does the chicken’s. And by eating unnatural food, the chicken will store more fat, therefore leading to a less healthy bi-product (the egg).

heads of chicks

I bought four dozen eggs yesterday, and will definitely go back and buy from him exclusively. He is there on Wednesdays and Fridays and has a yellow tent. If you are not in the Manhattan area, and are interested in some super healthy “pastured” chicken eggs (I love that term!), check out www.localharvest.org

Maybe we should not spend so much time wondering whether the chicken or egg came first, but just see them as one happy “pastured” unit.

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