meredith ‎ – May 4, 2011

I would highly recommend Kasia for anyone who wants to learn how to balance the way they eat.Kasia took extraordinary efforts to get to know me – email, phone and a very thorough consultation that was not at all rushed (a complete rarity) – before putting together my meal plan. She designed my meal plan to include the things I liked to eat, and she incorporated her changes gradually. Once I got my meal plan, Kasia followed up with me daily – offering both suggestions and encouragement. I noticed an increase in energy almost immediately. And if you work with her, I highly recommend the Sunny Side Up Breakfast Sandwich she thought of! My new favorite breakfast!

lovetorun ‎ – Apr 27, 2011

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! I’m an avid athlete and a new mom. For years I thought I was eating the right things. However, after a while I realized that my workouts were becoming beyond difficult because I was just exhausted. To say I was walking around in a haze is an understatement. I was living – LIVING – off of coffee and other caffeinated beverages, yet I still had no energy. Not to mention my weight loss had hit a plateau that would not go away. So I went to see Kasia and she was amazing from the start. I can’t say enough nice things about her and how great she is at her job. She listened to me and my likes and dislikes. Then she incorporated everything into my own meal plan (not some cookie cutter fad diet that will eventually fade…). And can I just say, her meal plan was BEYOND customized…I have never seen something so tailored to MY SPECIFIC needs. I was actually in shock because her service isn’t just good, it’s exceptional. Which is kind of rare in this city 🙂 BTW, I’ve been to so many different nutrition professionals in my life it isn’t even funny. And I can honestly say she is a breath of fresh air – she is a rarity in this field. I feel amazing. I have color back in my face. My runs are better than ever. I have energy for running and keeping up with a baby. AND my pre-baby pants fit again!!! If you can read, you can follow her plan. It really is that easy! She does most of the work for you! You’re only job – LISTEN TO HER! So easy…. Show less

felix ‎ – Jan 30, 2011

Kasia Changed my Life! When I first started seeing Kasia, I had some big goals! I didn’t realize this at the time, but I was setting myself up for failure. Kasia was sensible and down to earth, and helped me make my goals more realistic so that I could actually achieve them! We set up short term milestones, and it felt so rewarding to be realizing them! It took over a month for me to start losing weight, but I realized that this was because I wasn’t fully committed, even though I made myself believe that I was. Kasia is wonderful and so down to earth and encouraging. She never judged me for “cheating”, although she knew the whole time that I was! She just kept coming up with alternatives for the best customized meal plan for me, and helping me to see how psychological this process really was. We agreed to make small changes, and once she got me in the right frame of mind, the pounds started coming off! Kasia is truly the best, and you have to just trust her because she really knows what she’s doing. My cholesterol went down without medication, my “good” cholesterol went up, my weight decreased significantly, I feel alive, alert, and for the first time in my life, strong and confident of my body. I can’t thank her enough. I continue to see her to stay on track, and because she’s such a gem to be around, and because I always learn something new about nutrition, eating healthy, and fitness in general. Sincerely Felix Miranda Show less

Linda ‎ – Jan 30, 2011

Kasia is Great! She changed my life by teaching me what to eat and why. I love her philosophy and her methods. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to lose weight and keep it off!

Lawrence ‎ – Dec 20, 2010

Kasia is the best nutritionist. Her approach is amazing, allowing me to eat delicious foods that are healthy. She made an extensive customized meal plan based on my likes and dislikes and my eating schedule. I was amazed at the results. I didn’t need to lose weight but she helped me bring down my cholesterol to normal without any medication, just diet and an exercise program. I’ve also gotten much more toned. I look and feel great! Thank you Kasia!

NYCsilver ‎ – Jan 24, 2011

5 stars