Sushi – Nutritious and Healthy or Evil Food?

Eating sushi can be very nutritious and satisfying, and very yummy. Eating fish provides you with protein and essential Omega 3’s. But there are some sushi evils to be aware of:

1) White rice

This evil is sad because isn’t sushi all about the rolls? Unfortunately, eating white rice is like eating candy. The majority of sushi restaurants use highly processed, instant rice which is simple carbohydrates (the worst kind). It is equivalent to eating sugar, and converts into fat. I have to admit that I can’t just give up eating rolls all together, so I usually just shave off some of the extra rice.

2) Tempura

That’s just deep fried food. So despite its fancy name, it’s a no go and the biggest offender.


3) Spicy

Anything “spicy” contains mayo. So lots of calories and bad oils.

4) Crunchy

Yup, that’s fried also. If it’s crunchy or crispy, then it’s fried.

5) Soy Sauce

ALWAYS ask for low sodium. I don’t really taste a difference, and although it is also packed with sodium, at least it’s less sodium…

Personal Suggestions

My favorite is the salmon/avocado hand roll. So yummy and full of goodness with minimal rice. And really, by the time you get to the bottom of the roll (which contains the rice), it is much easier to leave it.

I also love steamed dumplings of any kind. I know that they’re not the best choice (because of the dough), but much better than choosing something fried or full of mayo. Plus, how draconian are you going to get with your diet? The dough is the least of my worries.

Sashimi clearly wins over sushi since it is just fish without the rice. If you must have sushi, leave half of the rice.


California rolls are delicious, filling and do not contain any of the “bad stuff”.

I’m actually amazed at the huge pile of rice that I build up just by taking some off my rolls and sushi. It’s kind of fun to look at it and envision all of the empty calories that would have been eager to become stored fat in my body.

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