Sports Nutrition; Fueling the Athlete’s Body

sportsNutrition plays a vital role in all activity. After all, food is what fuels all your daily activities. Many of my clients work our everyday and burn hundreds of calories. They spin, run, strength train, but cannot get the lean body they desire and wonder why. Once they realize that the missing link is in the food that they’re eating, they start seeing results almost immediately. Whether it be getting a lean body, or choosing the right foods to fuel endurance activities for optimum energy, nutrition always winds up being the missing link.

I love pointing out this analogy to my clients: if you were to own a premium vehicle like a Porsche, you would never dream of putting anything other than premium fuel in it would you? You would polish it, buff it, and never think of letting it go low on oil or any other fluids that it needs to run efficiently and optimally. Yet, we are so neglectful of our body’s needs. Food has become an inconvenience, and we shovel in whatever is easiest without regard to planning ahead or picking what is premium fuel to fuel our daily activity needs.

And unless you have a super specific athletic need such as body building, or you’re an endurance athlete who is a vegetarian, for the most part, you will not need supplements and get far greater results with real food. The trick is in the timing and in the proportions of macronutrients that each individual needs.

Yes, you need to eat before working out, and yes there is a specific window of time after your workout where you need to consume carbs and protein. Otherwise, your body will not build muscle adequately and will not be able to replenish its glycogen stores. And yes, you need to replace the fluids that you’ve lost, and water is usually enough (with some exceptions). I love my sports nutrition clients. It’s so rewarding to see the results that they get as soon as they become aware of how to use food wisely and efficiently. And you do not have to be an athlete to qualify as a sports nutrition client. Sports nutrition applies to anyone who works out regularly and/or leads and active lifestyle and is not getting the results that they should be.

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