Sexy, Affordable and Delicious Vegetables on a Budget

My new favorite hobby is going to China Town to buy my veggies. Not only are the veggies super affordable (my latest shopping spree cost $15 for 2 heaping bags!!), but the varieties are mind blowing. It’s a great way to take a NYC “staycation” day and head down to experience a different culture and put the sexy back in eating your veggies.

Here is a compilation of some of my latest finds. I have no idea what they are, but they taste wonderful! If any of my readers can identify the name of these beautiful creations, please leave me comments referencing the pictures, and maybe even your favorite recipe! Who knows, I may be itching to give away some EatFit™ swag…

Are you ready to play “Name that Veggie”?

Let’s start with mushrooms:


Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? It’s a whole generation of mushrooms! Not sure what these are called but they are absolutely delicious. I made a stew out of these, along with various other types that I mixed together.DSC_0076DSC_0075

Mini Romaine lettuce?? Tastes nothing like it though. It’s really tough to describe the taste, but they are delicious! I steam mine and feel that they retain the best flavor that way. The one next to it looks very similar, but has subtle differences in both taste and texture. I cooked them together.


Root vegetable. I think it’s a rutabaga. It’s delicious. I cut it up and steam it also. I’m a huge fan of steaming veggies – they taste so fresh and delicious and also retain the most nutrients that way. Try adding a touch of lemon or cooking wine to the water, and the veggies take on a whole different taste.


These are green onions with a flower on top. Hands down the best tasting green onions ever. So much flavor! I use them to make guacamole and also as a garnish and/or spice to various dishes. This is one of my regular buys – love it!


Also some type of green onions. They look like tall grass to me. This is great for broth – adds wonderful flavor.

This completes this week’s showcase. Next time, I will post other varieties of mushrooms and some more root vegetables that are even more challenging to identify! Stay tuned!


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  1. Those mushrooms look awesome!

    The second veggie is Bok Choy… Basically a white cabbage.

    I already got some EatFit Swag, thank you.

    I’ll stop stalking you now 🙂

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