Nutrition Counseling

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What value does seeing a nutritionist add?

  • A nutritionist provides one on one coaching, education, motivation, counseling, and support.

  • Custom meal plans are created specific to individual likes/dislikes/schedule/lifestyle/health conditions and goals.

  • Changing and breaking habits are difficult. A nutritionist provides the support to facilitate the process.

  • A nutritionist provides individualized guidelines to obtain the optimum amounts of macronutrients to fuel your body, and to meet your goals.

  • Nutritional counseling creates awareness of actual versus “perceived” eating habits, and food intake.

  • At EatFit™, the meal program lists real examples and proportions of food and meals, not just theoretical examples and ingredients.

  • A nutritionist can help determine and isolate why weight loss is at a plateau – there can be many reasons.


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