My Ultimate Food Challenge and Victory–Part II

Exciting conclusion from Jan.24th, 2011…


omelet_thumb[3]Woke up and breakfast was delivered.

There were some extra fried potatoes served with the omelet which I threw out.

Took all of my snacks and went to spend the day on the set!

When I arrived, I realized that no one had breakfast, and that they brought in donuts and bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. That was very sweet of them, but none for me!

9:00AM – had a Justin’s peanut butter with honey

11:00AM – had a Lara bar and an apple

12:00PM – Lunch was brought in. Chicken Caesar salad, grilled chicken pieces, raw veggies, hummus dip, Caesar dip, and baked chips. This is a perfect example of wonderful intentions but common mistakes. Caesar salad is a no-no. The dressing, and processed croutons are a caloric nightmare. I had the grilled chicken pieces, and the vegetables which I dipped in hummus. I also had some of my almonds, and another apple. All morning I drank tons of water, some coffee (black because there was only cream), and NO soda.

2PM – had another snack bar that I brought. At this point someone didimage_thumb[7] a McDonald’s run. I was mortified. I love McDonald’s and although I did not order anything, I knew that I would be so tempted by the smell. Ok, so I tried one Chicken McNugget because it had been so long. It was delicious, but I only had the one. I wanted more, but I was strong. I felt gross 15 minutes later just from the one that I had. This was my biggest challenge of the day and I won!! *victory dance*!!

5PM – At this point I was getting a little hungry, and bored of my snacks. I kept snacking on the veggies and hummus all day. All the action and the constant snacking and water kept my energy levels steady.

7PM – I took action and Googled a local sushi for some take out. There are always healthy options at a sushi place and no surprises. I ordered a grilled teriyaki salmon, a side of steamed veggies (which the chef had to make especially for me because they only had sautéed), a salmon/avocado hand roll and asked for low sodium soy sauce. My choice caught on with everyone else, and we wound up putting a huge order in for everyone. Everything was delicious. I left any left over rice from the hand roll. White rice is like sugar and I only needed as much as was necessary to have with my salmon and avocado.

Around 9PM I have a yogurt.

We returned to the hotel at around midnight and the kitchen was closed! I had a half a sandwich with ham, some cheese and tomatoes on white bread. Ugh. Definitely would never choose this but unfortunately, I was desperate.


I woke up at 8AM for breakfast and to go to the airport. The breakfast was a buffet!!

I have scrambled eggs and some potatoes, whole wheat toast and lots of fruit. I also snuck in two pieces of bacon (bad girl!!), but I had been so good all weekend, and had not eaten bacon for over a year! (I don’t count turkey bacon). I avoided the French toast and pancakes. Both items are high on the glycemic index, and would make my blood glucose sky rocket and then send me crashing soon afterwards. I had a coffee with skim milk, water with no ice, and NO FRUIT JUICES. I wanted protein and complex carbs! I took a few apples and a banana for the road.

My flight was on time, I was back in NYC by 3PM, and had a nice healthy sandwich once I got home. I had avocado, tomato, and cucumbers on hummus on Ezekiel bread. For dinner we made poached salmon with steamed veggies!

Moral of the story: Be prepared, eat for energy and fuel, never feel hungry, and never be afraid to ask for what you want. You will feel in control and so good about yourself, knowing that you made the right choices for you! Remember to pat yourself on the back and reward yourself appropriately.




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