My Ultimate Food Challenge and Victory

This past weekend could have been a potential food disaster for me. I travelled, had flight delays, woke up at ungodly early hours, went to sleep at ungodly late hours, was in a studio from 6am to midnight, taping shows all day, sharing a dressing room with 15 other people, with no time to leave and get food, and completely dependent on what was brought in to eat. But I did it! I managed to eat fit! And now I’m going to run through my weekend to help you see that it’s possible.


My flight was at 5:30PM (dinner time), which meant that I left at 2PM to get to the airport. I always leave myself plenty of travel time to avoid unnecessary stress. Keeping stress levels in check is important so that your body does not produce excess cortisol which puts your body in famish and fat storage mode. For lunch, and just before leaving, I ate a 6oz grilled chicken breast with plenty of steamed veggies like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and onions. I had some quinoa on the side (I prepared the quinoa and veggies the night before).

I packed a bag of snacks. 5 Lara bars, 10 Justin’s nut butter packs, and a few other organic bars. I also brought a bag of raw almonds, 2 apples, a banana, and a bottle of water.

At the airport…airplane

I realized that my flight was delayed by one hour. I decided to spend my time catching up on work at the Delta lounge. As an aside, I invested in a Delta gold Amex card. With the card, I pay $25 to get into any Delta lounge. I find this to be money well spent for my peace of mind and in managing my stress level. I can arrive early for my flights, sit quietly and catch up on my work with free wi-fi while having tea, water, or whatever I desire. There was a bar/restaurant there, and I chose an arugula salad, with grilled chicken and avocado, and asked for my dressing on the side. I always ask the waiter whether there are any hidden cream or mayo dressings that are not listed on the menu. There weren’t. I didn’t need the dressing; the salad was delicious. Although I wasn’t hungry at this point, my thought process was that something healthy was readily available, and I did not want to feel hunger while in flight. The portion was small and perfect to satisfy me for a couple more hours.

waterBefore boarding my flight, I bought four 550mL bottles of water. I ALWAYS buy water before flights. Flights make you super dehydrated and they don’t serve nearly enough in the cabin. Plus, when you land, sometimes it takes a while to get to your destination. So I feel content knowing that I have enough water to get me through the journey, or what if I got stuck on the tarmac for 4+ hours (which has happened to me before!!)

On the flight I ordered more water (with no ice) every time they offered. This allows me to store my purchased water for when I need it. Sodas and juices are all laden with sugar. And tomato juice has so much sodium in it that it almost equals the recommended daily allowance. Having any of that would completely throw my body off and put me in “unhealthy” territory.

I said NO to any snacks. They are always salty, sugary, processed and bad, bad, bad! I had some of my salt free almonds.

By the time I got to my hotel, it was 10pm. I had not eaten dinner yet, and was getting pretty hungry. I went to the bar and scanned the menu. I saw fried things, oily things, and a bunch of items containing fries or mashed potatoes. There was fish but it was “crusted” (which equals fried!). Luckily, I spotted a roasted grain fed chicken. I ordered a side of steamed vegetables with it, and made sure that it wasn’t served with any creams or mayos. When the chicken was served, I realized that it wasn’t what I imagined. It was a thigh covered in skin, and the mixed veggies that came with it were on a bed of pre-fab mashed potatoes. I removed the skin (much to my dismay as it looked delicious!), and put it in a napkin away from eye sight (I would have been too tempted to cheat if I left it there). I took the veggies off the mashed potatoes and removed those from my plate also. They weren’t even real!! Yummy meal!! And I had one glass of wine. I needed to reward myself for NOT having the free wine in the lounge and for not ordering a wine on the airplane.

I knew that I had to be up by 5:45AM and leave my room by 6:15AM the next morning. Problem was that breakfast started at 6:30AM in the hotel. I talked to the front desk and realized that I could order my breakfast on a card and have it delivered. Cool! I ordered an omelet with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes, whole wheat toast and a coffee with skim milk on the side.

Come back tomorrow for exciting Part II of my weekend food victory, and the suspenseful conclusion….

Spoiler: I was a bad girl, and there just may be mention of a chicken mcnugget.

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