My first blog post: making healthy choices eating out!

Tonight we went to a cute wine bar / restaurant on 30th and Madison in NYC called “Wine 30”. We had been here before a few times but only for the wine.  Tonight we went there for dinner.

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We started off by deciding that we (2 of us) would split a salad, 2 small appetizers and one entree.  This is the first step in making healthy choices, portion size.  Many people will each have their own appetizer, entree and desert.

We started off with a salad with a healthy dressing and Mango.  The Mango made it something different while being delicious and healthy.

For our appetizers we had seared tuna with wasabi and seaweed salad and chicken with vegetable skewers.  We avoided anything fried and cooked with oils. Look for my blog on hydrogenated oils coming soon!

For our main course we shared a piece of grilled halibut served with eggplant and black beans.

One of the first things I teach my clients is how to make healthy choices when eating out.  This is one of the most difficult things to do but armed with a little knowledge about what is and what is not healthy, and how to translate key menu terms, you can become very good at making healthy menu choices.

Oh and of course I must mention the wine, after all it was a wine bar.  We each had one glass of a nice tempranillo.  One 4-6 oz glass of wine will add some calories so we limit it to one glass usually.  We also drink lots of water with our meals.


Thanks for reading.  This is the first of many posts that I will be putting here to help you make healthy food choices while eating tasty, good, enjoyable food.  See you soon!  -Kasia

5 Responses to My first blog post: making healthy choices eating out!

    • Hi Lawrence,
      Thanks for the feedback – that is so nice to hear! I plan to put up many more interesting blogs in the future. Hope you keep coming back and reading!

  1. Hi Kasia,
    You hit upon my biggest problem…Portion Control! I need some advice and more importantly some motivation. Looking forward to your advice and recommendations on nutrition.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your post; I’m so excited that you are reading my blog! I will make sure that I speak on appropriate portion sizes as I continue to blog, and use some great visual analogies. And you hit the nail on the head re: motivation! Most people are already pretty food smart, but just need someone to help them weed through all of the information out there and to help make sense of it. And most importantly, to make eating healthy exciting and fun! That’s the best part of being a nutritionist – empowering people to have a healthy relationship with food.

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