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Medical Weight Loss: Lose Weight With a Registered Dietician’s Help

medical-weight-loss-info-specialist-nyc-01Making the decision to lose weight is a great way to improve your health. With the internet and social media, it’s now easier than ever to find diet and fitness plans. But these plans are not all created equal. With medical weight loss, your journey will be led by a medical professional who will create a custom plan designed for your body.

Problems With Your Weight? You’re Not Alone.

best-weight-loss-doctor-nyc-02Struggling with your weight can feel isolating, but it’s important to realize that you’re not alone. In the US, over 32% of men and 35% of women are considered obese. A variety of factors can contribute to obesity. For many, weight gain is related to lifestyle issues like emotional eating or lack of exercise. Others may struggle with their weight for medical reasons such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, or metabolism issues. For New Yorkers, the stress of a busy lifestyle can contribute to weight issues, and finding time to see a professional to help you lose weight can be challenging. However, the support a professional can provide could be the difference that helps you to keep your excess weight off forever.

 A Solution Backed By Science

 It seems like a new diet or exercise trend pops up online every day. While it can be tempting to jump on the latest craze, the weight loss solutions found on social media will not work for everyone. A nutritionist can help you determine which trends will work with your body. They will also analyze your current health, nutritional deficiencies, and long-term goals to create a complete plan for you. A nutritionist will also give you personal support and accountability to help you through the challenges of your lifestyle change. Medical weight loss with a professional nutritionist will help you to make a change that truly sticks.

 What to Expect

medical-weight-loss-specialist-ny-03Much like a doctor’s appointment, your medical weight loss journey will begin with you answering some detailed questions about your health. During this time, your nutritionist will take notes on your medical history, lifestyle, and health goals. He or she will then create a plan that is tailor-made for you. Not only will you be getting a plan that is designed for your body, you will also be getting professional medical advice that will help you to lose weight in a healthy way. Your nutritionist will be with you during every step of your journey and will adjust your plan as you become healthier. You can work hard with peace of mind, knowing that a medical weight loss professional will be there to answer any questions you have along the way.

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