Hot Chocolate Crawl

Who says nutritionists can’t go wild with their food every once in a while?

I find that all too often when I am out for dinner, and people find out that I am a nutritionist, they get all nervous and start making justifications on why they are not ordering a salad. I rarely eat salad for dinner. I like my dinner warm. I do order healthy, and I do make choices based on what my body needs and not based on marketing descriptions. And I do not EVER deprive myself of life’s pleasures in eating. I LOVE food, and I certainly enjoy it, but I make good choices and know how they fit into my day’s plan.

Which leads me into today’s choice – to go on a hot chocolate crawl in NYC. What a great day to do it – rainy, cold, gloomy – perfect!

I started out the day with a protein filled breakfast – 2 egg, 3 egg white omelet with berries. This would ensure that I keep my blood sugars as steady as possible in the upcoming situation. I would hate to start the day off with chocolate and loads of sugars – I think that would have given me some sort of chocolate induced seizure!

So here is my day:

Vosges Haut Chocolate 11:00AM


I started with a dark chocolate flute; one word – amazing! Already felt the sugar rush (I’m not used to having sugar, especially this early in the morning). What you see in the picture are chocolate covered tortilla chips. I had to try one to see what it tasted like. But I only had one! Why? Because the tortilla chip inside contains hydrogenated oils. Most chips do. Admittedly, all the sugar in the hot chocolate isn’t the best thing for you, but why make it worse by eating harmful oils? I opted for plain chocolate instead. Also yummy!

Aroma Café 12:30PM





All the sugar and chocolate certainly didn’t leave me hungry, but I knew that my body needed some nutrients and fuel at this point. Luckily, Aroma café is a very healthy lunch spot, and I was able to get a quinoa salad with some cucumbers and tomatoes. My fiancé got a white bean soup. Of course, we tried a hot chocolate each (it is a hot chocolate crawl, after all). I ordered with skim milk and drank half of it.

LA Burdick Handmade Chocolate 1:30PM




Here we got a little crazy. How about hot chocolate with alcohol? Bad nutritionist, bad, bad. But let me just justify my choices and tell you that I ate according to plan all week. Plus, I don’t think that it is wrong to indulge yourself every once in a while. A hot chocolate crawl is by far better than a wings and pizza night, or having fries and doughnuts. I’ll tell you right now, that I would never do a doughnut crawl.  Yes, the sugar in the chocolate sugar may be overkill, but all in all, it’s not a nutritional disaster. I had my hot chocolate with pear liquor. YUMMY. I also sampled some cute chocolates made from all natural ingredients. No man made stuff so all made to be digested by our bodies.

There were supposed to be four establishments as part of the chocolate crawl. However, at this point our stomachs were not too happy with us so we left the last one as a treat for another time.

With all of the blood sugar ups and downs, I came home and fell into a deep coma. I curled up with my kitty and had a 2 hour nap! I have already signed up for an intense cardio class tomorrow at noon!

Thanks to Punk Rope for organizing this great event. It was fun and a great way to network and meet new people. I’m also going to try them out. They have rope jumping classes for both adults and kids. How fun!





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