Fruits Are Welcome in My Belly!


Unless you have a specific health issue, and were instructed by your doctor otherwise, don’t listen to anyone who has told you to stop eating fruits to lose weight. It is my opinion (another conspiracy theory, of course!) that the food industry has conspired to make fruit look like the bad guy, so that we feel a major sugar deficiency and go back to craving refined sugars. Fruit won’t make you fat. Your body treats fructose differently from glucose. Your brain needs sugar and fructose is the best way to get it. Refined sugars and refined carbs, please go away. Fruits you are most welcome in my belly! Vitamins, fiber, antioxidants – welcome, welcome, welcome!! (except watermelon; I am not sure about you). AND only whole fruits are welcome – not juices. That’s just too much sugar; I lose out on the fiber, and you make it way too easy for my body to metabolize and absorb it all.

Make your body work for it – burn some calories!!!

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