Do I Need a Nutritionist to Help Me Lose Weight?

nyc-can-a-nutritionist-help-me-lose-weight-01Losing weight is a goal for many individuals. Sometimes the weight loss needed is minimal and can be achieved with small tactics here and there, whereas, other times it is more of a long-term journey where the individual needs to lose a greater amount of weight for health reasons. Now is the time to answer the question, “Do I need a nutritionist to help me lose weight?” The answer to this is that it depends. The following will delve into some aspects of weight loss which will help you to determine whether or not obtaining a nutritionist is right for you.

Have You Tried to Lose Weight Before?

One of the questions which should be broached is whether this is your first time trying to lose weight or if you have tried weight loss tactics in the past. For those who haven’t tried to lose weight before, you may want to pursue a weight loss regimen on your own first to see how it goes. However, if you have tried various weight loss strategies in the past, but to no avail, consulting a nutritionist can help you to evaluate your weight loss needs and develop a meal plan for you which will aid in achieving the weight loss goals.

Do You Have to Lose Weight for Health Reasons?

top-nyc-nurtitionist-for-weight-loss-02It’s also important to determine whether or not you are losing weight for health-related reasons. Perhaps your general practitioner has told you that you need to lose weight or else be a potential candidate for a heart attack, stroke or some other type of illness. In this case, weight loss is serious and enlisting the help of a nutritionist to help you to achieve your weight loss goals may be a good idea, especially if you don’t know where to start in the weight loss process and need a professional to help you with your journey. Even if you aren’t losing weight for health-related reasons, a consult with a nutritionist will aid you in your weight loss regimen and the health and wellness professional will provide you with extraordinary tips and helpful guidelines to follow in your journey to an optimal, healthy weight.

Do You Need Help Finding the Ideal Meal Plan to Follow?

meal-plan-expert-nyc-nutritionist-03Nutritionists are also well-versed in evaluating weight loss needs and then creating daily meal plans for the individual to follow in order to achieve overall health and weight loss success. A meal plan provides an excellent way to ensure nutritious meals each day, which will work wonders for helping you to lose weight in a healthy, safe (and delicious!) manner. If you find yourself wondering what foods to eat and what types of meal plans to follow, a nutritionist is the ideal professional to consult.

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Traci Fields Can Assist You In Your Weight Loss Journey

Traci Fields, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, will help you to achieve all of your weight loss goals. Contact Traci today at (646) 760-3438 for a consultation and get started on your path to weight loss and optimal health.

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