Are you Addicted to Sugar?

sugarThe majority of processed foods are either laden with sugar, salt or both. In our fast paced, busy, busy world, we have become dependent on quick, processed foods as a convenient snack or meal, and a false sense of quick energy. We get our sugar high, followed by the “food coma” sugar low. We deregulate our sugar levels and enter a vicious cycle of craving sugar to get back on the high. This puts us on a highway to weight gain, and leaves us feeling out of control, moody and addicted to sugar. There is a way to break this cycle, and it can be done naturally. Getting your sugar fix under control is vital to your health. Excess sugar will not only cause copious weight gain, but can eventually lead to more serious diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol. I recently submitted an article to Wahanda discussing sugar addictions and what you can do to combat it. Click on the link to learn what you can do to wean yourself off of sugar.






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  1. Addiction to food is such a fascinating new area which lots of interesting researach is being done. We have so much still to learn in this area which will be helpful to the patient and to those of us trying to help them.

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