What Is the Keto Diet?

what-is-keto-diet-foods-can-eat-nyc-nutritionist-01Diet programs of a wide array are available to the general public these days. From restricting your diet to certain foods to taking in a specific amount of calories each day, the diet options are wide and varied. The ketogenic diet, or “keto” diet as it’s often called, is one type of popular diet program. So, what is the keto diet? We have the details you need so that you can determine if the keto diet is right for you.

Features of the Keto Diet

The keto diet is a diet regimen which focuses on the fat content of food, rather than focusing on protein, which other low-carbohydrate diets do. When you follow a keto diet, you eat a high amount of fat while ensuring that you eat a moderate amount of protein and very few carbohydrates. The purpose is to promote ketosis in the body as a result of following a certain eating plan, which is a state in which the body uses fat as its primary fuel source, instead of using carbohydrates to accomplish fuel source goals. Those who support the keto diet state that it promotes weight loss, greater mental clarity and increased energy.

How to Follow the Keto Diet

top-nyc-expert-nutritionist-for-ketogenic-diet-02When it comes to following the keto diet, you want to select a diet plan which focuses on high-fat foods and those which are low in protein and carbohydrates. You want 60-80% of your calories to come from fat. There are many keto diet food charts available these days to help you to determine which foods you should eat liberally, occasionally and never. When you use the chart to create recipes and meals, you are pursuing the keto diet properly. Also, you can find many keto diet recipes online which help you to create your meals with ease. In addition, the best way to ensure that  you are following the keto diet correctly and safely is to consult a certified nutritionist who will help you along the way.

Does the Keto Diet Work?


The keto diet can help with regard to weight loss as it takes body fat and burns it off as energy, thereby reducing pounds. Also, since the keto diet eliminates most carbohydrates from your daily diet, you are losing water weight more quickly, as carbohydrates hold three times their weight as water in the body. However, the exact results of pursuing the keto diet will vary from individual to individual.

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