What Are the Best Most Effective Meal Plans for Weight Loss?

diet-plans-for-weight-loss-nutritionist-01Weight loss can be achieved through a variety of ways, such as exercise and pursuing a healthy diet. For those who are eager to learn more about weight loss through nutrition and healthy eating, you may be wondering what are the best most effective meal plans for weight loss. The good news is that there are many meal plans available which can help you to achieve your weight loss goals and not sacrifice delicious tasting food in order to do so.

Meal plans are available in pre-packaged form through weight loss product companies as well as meal plans which you follow and construct on your own. Some of the meal plans you may want to peruse in your quest for weight loss include the following:

Low-Carbohydrate Diet

top-nyc-nutritionist-low-carb-diet-plan-03Many individuals have success with the low-carbohydrate diet when it comes to losing weight. The low-carb diet meal plan is focused on creating meals with protein-rich ingredients such as poultry, meat, fish, and eggs, along with non-starchy vegetables. This low-carb meal plan is ideal for short-term weight loss goals, although other meal plans may be better for long-term weight loss goals. An example of a low-carb meal plan is available online and you can see if this meal plan regimen is right for you.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is extremely popular with those seeking to lose weight these days. Participants in the Paleo diet meal plan pursue it by eating meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, fruits, nuts, healthy fats and oils, to name a few of the items on the Paleo diet meal plan. When following a Paleo diet meal plan, you should avoid food items such as processed foods, soft drinks, sugar, grains, and most dairy products. Take a peek at a sample Paleo diet meal plan to see if this weight loss meal plan is right for you.

Mediterranean Diet

good-fod-plan-for-weight-loss-02The Mediterranean diet is another type of meal plan to follow when desiring to lose weight. This type of diet revolves around following a meal plan which features foods which were eaten in Italy and Greece in the mid-1900s. Individuals following the Mediterranean diet can construct meal plans which include seafood, vegetables, potatoes, bread, extra virgin olive oil, spices, and more. Those who follow this meal plan should avoid items such as red meat, added sugars, refined grains, and trans fats, to name a few. Interested in pursuing a Mediterranean diet meal plan? Peruse the sample meal plan online and see if it’s right for you.

Meal Plans Via Weight Loss Product Companies

For those who prefer the ease and convenience of pre-packaged meal plans via weight loss product companies, your options are wide and varied as well. Some of the companies to review include Nutrisystem, South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, and more.

Certified Nutritionist and Dietitian Traci Fields Can Help You Find an Ideal Meal Plan

The meal plans listed above are just a few of the many options you have with regard to what are the best most effective meal plans for weight loss. With that said, every individual and their weight loss goals and ultimate success are different, therefore, it’s important to have additional help along the way. This is where certified nutritionist and dietitian Traci Fields, RPA, MS, RD, CDN, can help.

Contact Traci today at (917) 747-1627 to discuss your weight loss goals and have all of your weight loss meal plan questions answered.

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