Good Intermittent Fasting Strategies

best-strategies-fasting-for-weight-loss-02Pursuing weight loss and weight management strategies takes a lot of strong will and perseverance for many individuals who take this big step to be healthier overall. From strict diets to generally watching what you eat, you have to have the will power to stay with your diet in order for it to work correctly. For those who are pursuing an intermittent fasting diet, there are many good intermittent fasting strategies which can help you to stay on track and experience the most beneficial results from this type of diet.

Pick One Type of Intermittent Fasting Style

intermittent-fasting-strategies-01Intermittent fasting is a diet regimen where the participant can often eat the foods they like, but only within a certain period of time. There are various types of intermittent fasting. In order for your intermittent fasting diet plan to work to the best of its ability and provide a uniform dieting regimen, it’s a good idea to choose one type of intermittent fasting style to pursue. Some of your options include the following:

  • 5:2 Program: Eat as you normally would for five days during the week and then only eat 500-600 calories each day on the other two days.
  • Leangains: Eat each day during an 8-10 hour window and then fast for the remaining 14-16 hours each day.
  • Eat Stop Eat: Fast for the entire day, one to two days per week, and then eat normally on the other days.
  • Warrior Diet: Engage in fasting for 20 hours each day and then eat one large meal each night.
  • 16:8 Method: Eat whatever you want during an eight-hour window in the middle of each day and then fast throughout the remaining hours.
  • Dubrow Diet: Interval eating on three different tracks, with the fastest track being a 16-hour fasting period.

Once you review the options and find an intermittent fasting style which works for you, pursue good intermittent fasting strategies by sticking with one type of intermittent fasting diet.

Choose an Intermittent Fasting Diet Regimen Which Works With Your Schedule

With so many different types of intermittent fasting plans available, you may wonder which one is right for you. The best way to determine which intermittent fasting plan to follow is to consider your individual schedule and lifestyle and choose one which fits the best. For example, if you go to the gym each day and need to eat on those days, choose something like the 16:8 Method or Leangains method so that you’ll still be able to eat during the bulk of the day. Also, if you’d rather have a fasting day or two, and this works well with your schedule, the Eat Stop Eat plan might be the plan you’d like to choose.

Don’t Give Up All of Your Favorite Foods

intermittent-fasting-weight-loss-strategy-nutritionist-03One of the benefits of pursuing the intermittent fasting diet and one of the good intermittent fasting strategies to utilize is to not give up your favorite foods. With intermittent fasting, you can often eat what you like, it’s just the “when” component which is relevant.

Realize Your Optimal Goals and Keep These In Mind Every Day

Another one of the good intermittent fasting strategies is to keep in mind each and every day that you have reasons for following an intermittent fasting diet. Whether the goal is to be healthier or to lose weight, be sure you keep these goals in mind, as they will help you to succeed in the intermittent fasting diet regimen by acknowledging what you hope to achieve overall.

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